A New View

Have you ever gotten stuck? I’m not talking about getting stuck in a ditch, but stuck in a problem of life. You have examined a situation but can’t seem to find a solution or a way out. Sometimes, I think that we could help ourselves out by looking at that situation from a new angle, seeing things from an entirely new view.

Recently, Bret and I went on a walk. We took the exact same route that we usually do, but backwards. No, we didn’t walk backwards, but we went in the opposite direction. Although it seems like a silly thing, we were amazed at the things that we saw that we have never seen before. We even joked that they were just constructed overnight. In reality, though, those buildings and gardens were always there but we didn’t see them. When we came from the opposite direction, though, it gave a different vantage point and we noticed things that we never have before.

The same is true with life. Sometimes, we can look at a problem from the same point of view over and over again and we can miss the obvious. Although it may not be easy, why not try looking at your situation, relationship or problem from another point of view? It is possible that you may see something that you have been missing. That different view may be what it takes to find the solution.

Do you have a story that shows how looking at things from another angle helped you find the solution? I would love to hear about it in the comments below:

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