A Well-Lived Life

Are you a happy person? What does it take to be happy? Many people think that money, power or fame will make them happy. After achieving it, however, they come to find that it didn’t really work and they are still unhappy. So, how can a person be truly happy? I agree with Eleanor Roosevelt when she said:

Happiness is not an end goal; it is a by-product of a well-lived life.

The question then is, how does one achieve a well-lived life? Here is another short video to give some more insights:

If we can achieve these 5 qualities of being intentional, forward thinking, thankful, great – but not perfect and generous, I believe that we can experience true happiness. Please click on the link below for access to my entire course on these subjects. For a limited time, I have drastically slashed the price of the course, so don’t procrastinate. Click on the link now for some helpful tips that could change your life forever!



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