Accept your Life

We all have things in our lives that we wish weren’t there. These might be bad decisions that we have made or life circumstances, beyond our control, that just aren’t fair. How we handle those things makes all the difference. Here is a short story from nature that will give something to think about.

Remember the ferns that I finally got to hang on my front porch. They are doing well – so well, in fact, that a mama bird has chosen one of them to be the perfect building site for her nest. She started the building process a few weeks ago and all the eggs were laid about one week ago. As the eggs started appearing, it was quite interesting because they were different colors. Two of the eggs were light blue with speckles on the ends and two of them were brown and white speckled. I was intrigued about this, so I googled it. It seems that the brown and white eggs are those of a cowbird, known for laying their eggs in another bird’s nest. The blue ones belong to the real mom, who I think is a song thrush. Mama bird, who I have named Mama Teresa because she is caring for orphans, dutifully guards all of the babies and squawks and yells at me whenever I go onto the porch.

Mama Teresa only laid two eggs but will have four babies to feed. The cowbird babies will be bigger than hers which will literally threaten her own babies. There is a good chance they will crowd her own babies out of the nest, killing them. In spite of this fact, she is sitting on all of them and will care for all of them until they leave the nest.

Do you react the same way when unexpected and undesired things enter your life? Do you keep going and enjoy life in spite of the disruption? Do you look at life, acknowledge that it’s not exactly what you wanted, and then take a deep breath and live the “new normal”? I think that, unfortunately, many of us get derailed when unwanted interruptions come. We have a hard time getting over the events of the past and they prevent us from fully enjoying life now.

To be fair, I have probably taken the personification of Mama Teresa too far. Chances are good that she doesn’t know she has unwanted nest guests. But, in spite of that, the application still holds. We have the choice when bad or unwanted events enter our lives – do we let them destroy us or do we accept that life isn’t always fair and keep going? Let's get over the events of the past and live to the fullest. Click To Tweet

  • Love it!! Really causes me to stop and assess my response to things that happen in my life. We could all take a good lesson from “Mama Teresa.”

  • Well i do feel the burden of past decisions at times. I didnt want to look at the whole scene; only the easy solution. I think someone refered to me when they said,” out of the frying pan and into the fire!”
    And i always complained about the new rope, to hang myself. So you want me to accept or look at the big picture and manage my expectations?
    Good news… i am working with the VP of Communication at alaska pipeline development corp!!!
    I am working to be a keynote speaker for them. Which embraces a whole new set of… opportunities and problems that i know nothing of.

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