Be Still

Work, work , work. Sometimes we get out of balance in life when we start focusing so much on work that we forget to rest. Here are some quick thoughts to help you keep in balance by intentionally resting.

I have been very busy for the past few weeks. There were several projects that I’ve been working on with strict deadlines. It’s very exciting and I will be sharing those projects with you very soon so stay tuned! 🙂

Because of these deadlines, though, I have been very focused on work, applying all my advice on setting and achieving goals and being intentional to get things done. As a result, though, I started to run out of steam last week. I was getting emotionally drained and I was starting to lose the joy of what I do. And then, I got an unexpected blessing in an unexpected way … we lost power twice last week.

The first time we lost power was on a very stressful day. I had set a goal to get one project completely submitted by Monday. It was Tuesday and I was still hours away from completion. Unexpected details kept me from completing it on Monday, but I was mentally ready to work Tuesday morning. I turned on my computer to see the message, “please wait while we install updates.” This message doesn’t usually cause dread, but my computer is about 8 years old and updates can cause it to crash. I waited anxiously as my computer tried to restart. Eventually, I realized that it just wasn’t going to happen. On to plan B. Thankfully, all our files are backed up on the cloud so I was able to access them from Bret’s computer. By 11:00 I had found all my files and I was ready to go. And then the power went out which took down the internet. Deep breath … now what? At that point, I jokingly said that powers greater than me had decided that I wasn’t supposed to finish the project right then. So, I went for a drive in the sun, ran errands and had coffee with my favorite person. It was deliciously refreshing.

After completing the project Tuesday evening, I intentionally took time the next few days to rest. Most of Saturday was spent setting up my new computer (yea!!!) so I decided that I would completely take Sunday off. Huh … take a Sabbath day; that’s a new concept! I got up Sunday morning, drank my coffee and just minutes before going up to take my shower to get ready for church, the power went out again. In lieu of rushing around to get ready for church, I sat on my porch swing, listened to the birds and watched the rain fall. In a quiet, restful way I worshiped God with my whole heart.

I like to talk about balance, but I think I prefer to live in productivity. Real balance means that we intentionally take time out to rest and refresh ourselves. Click To Tweet God talks about it a lot in the Bible, starting with the work of creation. On the seventh day, He rested. Correct me if I’m wrong but God doesn’t even get tired and He took the time to rest. So, why do we as humans think that we don’t need rest?

Be still, and know that I am God.

(Psalm 46:10)

There is value in being still. Not just so that our minds can quiet down and reboot, but it naturally shifts our focus off of ourselves and on to the glory of God. As I sat on the porch Sunday morning, I found myself in unspoken praise to God. I was thankful for the birds, colors of the grass and flowers and for the sound of the rain.

Sometimes, I feel guilty if I take time off to rest. I have decided, though, that I will intentionally plan times of rest in my day. It could be sitting on the porch, walking to the post office to check my mail or just enjoying a cup of coffee with my favorite person. I think the key is to shut off my brain and let myself find joy in God’s creation and the life He has given to me.

If  you find yourself frazzled and burned out by life, why not start incorporating times of rest? I can promise that it will do you good!

  • Great blog. Praise the Lord for rest and sleep to refresh our body, mind and spirit. Love ❤️ your comments.

  • I like the effort you put in on your creations. Its one way that God rewards us.. being stewards.
    The power can shut down , computers need uodatin, and time does get miscalculated . That is to be expectated. Bret once told me that I needwd to manage my expectations. I would offer the same advice. Know the dynamics that your managing and you can manage those expectations! And still be fulfilled in Gods purpose.

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