Choose Spring

Do you remember the opening scene in the movie, Bambi? Birds are happily singing, flowers are blooming and the sun is shining brightly as the long winter is finally over. Spring has officially and suddenly arrived in the great forest.

I wish Indiana was like that – go to bed in the winter and wake up to glorious spring. Unfortunately, the coming of spring is more like a game of hokey pokey. One day warm and the next freezing cold. Sun and 70 degrees on Monday, then snow on Thursday. Just last week, I was layered in winter gear and still freezing at a track meet. Today I will be mowing the lawn in the sunshine with temps in the upper 70’s. It isn’t really winter or spring; maybe sprinter or wing??

One of the big dilemmas this time of year is how to dress. Do you dress to stay warm or to look cute in summer clothes? I tend to be a cold person, so I have been going with the stay warm option. Up until last week I was still wearing my thickest winter coat (parka?) to go for walks in the morning. No joke, one morning I was in my parka at the same time a runner was wearing shorts. Last Sunday night, even though the day had been warm, I decided to wear winter boots to small group. In my defense, they weren’t shovel-the-driveway boots. They were cute, but definitely winter. One of the guys started teasing me that I should eventually trade in my boots and brave the spring weather. Even though he was completely joking, there was truth to it.

The next day, I decided to choose spring. I traded out my winter clothes for spring and summer ones, I left my parka at home during my walk and I even painted my toenails. I decided that, even though I might be a little chilly, I was going to choose to embrace spring.

I think the same is true with us emotionally. I talk with so many women who get stuck in tough emotional situations. A legitimate tragedy happens and they might start moving toward healing but they never go there completely. They keep hugging their pain like a warm parka, afraid to completely embrace healing. Leaving the winter stages of pain is difficult, but it is possible. And the first step is to choose to do it.

Choice is one of the most powerful weapons that we have. I’m not saying it is easy, but it is possible. You can start today. Are you going to choose to stay in a place of pain, discouragement or defeat or are you going to choose to move on? Click To Tweet

  • Thanks for sharing your insights. I am definitely moving on I don’t want to stay stuck. I am choosing to move forward empowered by God’s never ending grace supplied through His Holy Spirit. 🙂

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