Connected to the Power Source

Are you feeling drained, tired, maybe even a bit discouraged or depressed? Here’s a quick thought to help you get energized and focused.

It was a normal day; the kids were running late to school and they rushed out the door in a last-ditch effort to get to class on time. Within a few minutes they crashed back into the kitchen in a mild hysteria. Brittany’s car wouldn’t start. After I flew in with my superhero cape and saved the day by chauffeuring them to school, I called Bret to discuss the problem. We had just purchased a new battery a few months ago, so we knew that wasn’t the issue. Maybe she left her lights on (again), maybe there was an electrical short somewhere, or maybe it was a much bigger issue like the ignition switch. That evening, Bret put on his own “Super Daddy” cape and started to investigate the problem. He was mentally ready to spend hours working on it and he had several possible problems to check out. Within 20 minutes, however, the car was running and he was back inside. It seems that when we replaced the battery a few months ago, one of the connectors did not get reattached completely. There was a bad connection which was limiting the power from the battery. When Bret got it securely fastened, everything started working again.

The same is true with our personal lives. Our power source needs to be the Word of God and our relationship with Christ. If we become unattached and quit reading our Bible or spending time in prayer, we lose our power. Our relationship with God is what gives us strength, direction, hope and purpose. Luke 11:28 says, “Blessed are those who hear the word of God and obey it.” Blessed means to be happy or favored. That doesn’t mean that we won’t have trials in our lives, but it does mean that God will be working in us and He will bring us peace. God also promises to give us direction and wisdom through His word. Psalm 119:105 says, “Your word is a lamp for my feet,a light on my path.”

Sometimes when we are feeling discouraged or downhearted, we look for complicated solutions but the problem is simple and staring us straight in the face. Like Brittany’s loose battery connection, maybe we need to get plugged back into the source of true power and find our strength in Christ.

Let’s choose to focus on Christ today and let Him energize us with His love!

What do you think?

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