Everyday Distractions

(The following blog was originally posted on August 27, 2013)

Since school started a week and a half ago, our pets have become very lonely. Let’s face it – I am much more boring than the kids! Over the summer our cat, Flower, got more than her fair share of attention and she would regularly go into hiding to avoid all the excitement. Since school started, though, she has come out every single day and jumped in my lap while I am working on the computer. In fact, she is currently sleeping in my lap as I type at the computer. Yesterday morning, she brought her desire for attention to an all new level. While I was sitting on my bedroom floor reading my Bible, she came in and sat down right in the middle of my Bible!

I texted the picture to Bret with the comment, Sometimes it is harder to read my Bible than others 🙂

Isn’t it true, though? Sometimes we let the everyday distractions totally interrupt what needs to be our priority. Without even thinking about it, sometimes I let small insignificant things like petting the cat ruin my time with God. I can let tension with the kids (shockingly, they aren’t perfect), frustrations over Bret’s business travel, or needed house repairs derail what was otherwise a peaceful, Jesus-centered day.

The senior pastor at a church we used to attend said, “We need to keep the main thing the main thing, and the main thing is Christ.” Let’s work hard to keep Christ the main thing today regardless of any other distractions. Click To Tweet

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