Focus on ONE thing

If there was a way to increase your chances of reaching your goals and actually achieving success, would you do it?  Let me challenge you to think about the following idea and then put it into practice in your life.  It may have unbelievable results.

Over the past several months, there has been one major theme that I have heard over and over again:

Focus on ONE thing!

I have heard it at conferences, read it in blogs and books, listened to it in podcasts and even heard it in a sermon at church.  Since I keep hearing this, maybe it has some truth to it and I should apply it to my life.  But, this is hard and it takes intentionality.  Think about it: there are a lot of good things that we could give our time and attention to, but every minute that we give to a good thing is time that we can’t use for the one great thing that we should be pursuing.

This conflict in our mind is one thing that contributes to our hectic, over-scheduled lives.  There are so many good things that we could be involved with.  When we choose too many, though, it often results in us feeling overwhelmed.  In addition, it is impossible to give our best to so many things and we often settle with minimum effort in all areas.  We just can’t do it all!  If, instead, we were to intentionally choose that one thing and devote all our time and effort to it, we could actually make progress and see success.

This idea is counter-cultural.  We have the idea that we should be involved in everything and sometimes others try to guilt us into involvement.  And they are all good things that we do care about… the PTA, committees at church, little league, community organizations.  Please understand that I am not saying that you shouldn’t be involved with your kids’ sports or schools.  But if you want to be effective in any area, it will require a large commitment of time, energy and effort.  Is that really where you want to invest it?  (If you have young children at home, I would suggest that you should be investing in what they are interested in.  But understand that it will limit your involvement in other areas.)

Just this morning, I had to wrestle with this issue.  There is a community issue that I am passionate about, and part of me wants to jump in and start a fight for what I feel is right.  The other part of me, however, knows that the only way to truly make a difference will require a large commitment of time, energy and involvement.  If I decide to jump into that fight, it will take away from the time I am currently spending on building my business.  I have had to make the difficult decision to back down on that issue.  Although it is important, it is not the ONE thing that I am choosing to focus on right now.

What is your ONE thing that you should be focused on right now?  What is competing with it for your attention?  Please share with us below.  I look forward to hearing from you!

What do you think?

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