Inner Strength

Do you ever get confused by social media? Some of the posts that I read leave me bewildered. Why in the world would you actually post that for the world to see? I think that a lot of these posts stem from a desire for acceptance, approval or support. Let’s talk about this for just a minute and see if there might be a better way to build our inner strength.

Every day, my Facebook feed has strange posts about what people are eating for dinner, how much time they spent at the gym, how disobedient their children are or how upset they are about some insignificant life event. Why does that need to be shared with the world? At the root of it, I think that all of us are at least slightly insecure and we are searching for someone or something to give us affirmation. The current social media craze is the solution for most people. Not that there is anything inherently wrong or immoral about posting your insignificant life events on Facebook, but could there be a better way to find inner strength and encouragement?

The Bible is very real and talks openly about the struggles of life. The book of Psalms is full of David’s real life struggles. Psalm 119:28 starts out by saying, “My soul is weary with sorrow.” David knew sorrow. He was the chosen king of Israel, but he was fleeing for his life. He was living in caves – not the royal palace that was rightfully his. Although our lives are different; we have a lot of stress of our own. Last night, I read a blog that went viral. It was written by an exhausted young mom of twin boys. In the blog post, she was complaining about all the societal pressure that she feels – pressure to use the right sunscreen, feed her children the right food in the right amounts and at the right times, discipline them in the correct manner, teach them the right things, and the list went on and on. She was exhausted trying to be the perfect mom. Although it may sound like I am minimizing this list by comparing it to David being tracked by assassins, I’m really not trying to. I completely understand those pressures. And you, if you are willing to admit it, probably do to. The easy fix is to complain about it online and get instant feedback and support from hundreds of people that we barely know who sympathize with us. But David had another answer. The end of Psalm 119:28 gives David’s answer to his weary state. He says, “strengthen me according to your word.” He took his problems and asked God for strength and encouragement.

I think that David’s answer can be our answer also. When we are feeling stressed by life – legitimately feeling like there is just too much to do, that we aren’t good enough parents, that we don’t measure up in some way – God should be our source of strength. If you aren’t spending regular time with God in prayer and reading His Bible, then you are missing out. God loves us and wants to help us get through the struggles of life.

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  • I loved meeting you at the Carol Kent’s speakers conference and I appreciate connecting with you. I love what you wrote and I look forward to getting to know you more.

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