Knowing Your Purpose

Some people think that life balance and taking the time to evaluate your priorities is flat-out a waste of time. They are busy doing what needs to be done; time for finding their purpose is a luxury they don’t have. If you have ever thought that, please take the next couple minutes to read this short blog. It might help you re-evaluate that idea.

As I was making my afternoon coffee, I starting thinking about my coffee press. It is one of my favorite kitchen appliances these days. It makes the absolute best coffee and I look forward to that treat every day. As I was drinking my coffee, though, my eyes wandered around the kitchen to the crock pot sitting in the corner. It was slowing cooking the chili that will be for dinner tonight. Here’s the thought that struck me – both of those appliances are essential parts of my day today, but they have drastically different purposes.

What if I didn’t know the purpose of each appliance? What if I tried to brew my afternoon coffee in my crock pot? What if I tried to make chili in my coffee press?

Both appliances work well for their intended purpose, but each would produce a pathetic result if I tried to use it for a different purpose.

The same is true for our lives. We can work very hard to accomplish a good purpose … but if it’s not the purpose that we were created for, it can produce frustration and a less than optimal result.

Maybe we want fame and what we think is a glamorous life. We want to be a coffee press but, in reality, we are a crock pot. We try hard to figuratively brew that gourmet cup of coffee, but it keeps failing and we are frustrated. Wouldn’t it be better to take the time to figure out that you are a crock pot and then make the best chili ever?

Without time and self examination, we will never know what our real purpose is.

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