My Top Ten Pet Peeves

What makes you angry? If I was to ask you to list your top ten pet peeves, how easy would that be for you to write? Would the hardest thing be limiting it to only ten items?

Here’s the list of my top 10 pet peeves (in no particular order):

  1. Grocery story cashiers who move in slow motion – I literally have to put my hand over my mouth sometimes to keep from asking if I can just scan the items myself.
  2. Companies (or people) who promise to call you back but never do.
  3. The fact that sugar is bad for you! My theory is that before the Fall it was completely healthy. It’s unhealthy aspects can only be explained by the curse.
  4. People who clap more for the track runner who comes in dead last (lapped a few times by everyone else) than for the winner. Well, except for his mother. She is allowed but not everyone in the stands. It is a race; you should celebrate the winner!
  5. People who don’t think and blindly accept what is told to them and then preach it to others as if they actually had a clue.
  6. The fact that transporters from Star Trek haven’t been invented yet. With all our technology, why are we still flying in planes? I would like to be instantly transported please.
  7. People who join the prayer chain at church for the gossip with no intention of praying.
  8. People who stalk you online, not because they care about you or even know you, but because they know someone in your family and want the latest news.
  9. People who cherry pick from the Bible and use it to judge others while blatantly ignoring what applies to them.
  10. People who fly a torn-up American flag. That is just plain disrespectful!

At this point, I am starting to feel like Mike Baxter on “Last Man Standing.” I kind of want to announce a sale on all hunting knives 🙂

So, what is the point of all this ranting? The point is that, statistically speaking, I will have more people read this blog than those that are positive and encouraging. People like to complain.  Studies show that it is easier to think of things to complain about than things to be grateful for.

But the long-term effects of negativity are literally killing us. Studies show that chronic illness, depression, weight gain and high blood pressure are all influenced by our attitudes. Not to mention relationship challenges and just being miserable in general.

So, how do we stop it?

Simply put, we have to interject change. We have to choose to focus on the positive. Click To TweetIt really isn’t that complicated, we just have to stop thinking about the negative and stop complaining. Choose to see the good instead of the bad.

I have said this before, but simple and easy are two entirely different things. The concept of not focusing on the negative is quite simple … but it isn’t always easy to do.

So, instead of writing that list of your top ten pet peeves, why not write a list of your top ten blessings. Think about those blessings all day and see if your attitude improves.

  • Sad but true, we tend to lean toward the negative first. Ask someone how they are and you either get “I’m just dandy!” Or a whole mile of negatively, pains, bad knees, my back hurts, my dog just ate the TV remote,(ok, so that one really is bad!) but how many times do you hear someone say; “I’m too blessed to be depressed.” That’s why in business if you do good it hardly gets around but do something wrong and they’ll tell everybody they know.
    It’s sad that in bible study the prayer request side of the board is always there times as long as the praises side, shouldn’t it be at least equal?
    Good post M.K. Thought provoking as usual, love you,

    1. I think that if your dog ate your tv remote, it might be worse for him than you :). Thanks for brightening my day with your comment. I hope you have a day of hope, joy and many blessings!

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