Preventative Maintenance

Are you too busy for this “life balance” stuff? Does real life keep you running so hard that you don’t have time to think about goal setting or planning for the future? If you have ever thought that, please read the following short story. It may give you something to think about.

Last Wednesday was a very busy day for me. I had a lot on my to-do list in a lot of different categories. By 10:00 AM, I had checked several things off my list and I was feeling in control and confident. I needed to bake a large batch of cookies- don’t you just love it when  you NEED to bake cookies 🙂 I got them mixed up and planned to accomplish other tasks while they were baking. I was on a roll and feeling like the queen of the kitchen … until I got the brilliant idea to quickly clean out the refrigerator to make room for the cookie dough. To make a long and quite disgusting story short, I put some old food down the garbage disposer and ended up clogging the kitchen sink. My productivity came to a screeching halt as I had to take apart the plumbing under the sink to clear out the blockage. As I opened up the pipes, I realized that the food I put down the drain wasn’t the major problem; it was the fact that gunk had built up over the years practically filling up the pipes on the inside. It took me well over an hour to clean out the pipes and then clean up the mess in the kitchen.

What does this have to do with life balance? The crud in my kitchen pipes took several years to accumulate. Prior to last week, it had never occurred to me that I should put drain cleaner in the pipes. They seemed to be working just fine until normal use caused them to stop working. Had I taken minimal time to do preventative maintenance (pour pipe cleaner into them once each month), it never would have gotten to the point of getting clogged. But, since I neglected to do preventative maintenance, it turned into a major problem that required immediate attention (and was pretty nasty too).

The same is true with our lives. We can get so busy just living that we don’t notice the junk slowly building up on the inside: emotional issues that we ignore rather than confront and fix right after they start, physical problems that we don’t want to notice, spiritual issues that we neglect, vocational stress and relational problems. If we let these issues build up, one day they will get to a crisis point just like my kitchen pipes. And when that happens, it is a lot more serious of a problem … emotional break-downs, heart attacks, feelings of lack of purpose, frustration, conflict, pain, hurt.

You may feel like you don’t have the time to deal with these issues now, but if you ignore them long enough the time will come when you don’t have the choice anymore. Wouldn't it be easier to do preventative maintenance now so you don't encounter the crisis later? Click To Tweet

Let me encourage you to take some time today to intentionally do preventative maintenance on your life. What areas have you ignored for too long? If you need some more information on this, I have a free e-book entitled “Enjoy Life” that can help you out. Sign up to receive your FREE copy on the right side of this blog.

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