Re-evaluate as Necessary

Goals are important, but what do you do when it’s just not working out as planned? If you have ever found yourself frustrated because your plans feel pointless, read this short story for some encouragement.

Last year I purchased some hanging ferns for my front porch. They were absolutely beautiful. I lovingly watered them every day and even moved them around on the porch so they could get even sun. (That’s saying a lot based on how much work I usually put into plants.) So, when fall came, I felt bad just letting them die. I considered moving them into the house, but there wasn’t enough room for them all to get adequate sun. Then, I read how to let them go into dormancy over the winter. It sounded easy and promised beautiful, healthy plants in the spring. I was excited to keep my plants and let them add beauty to my porch again when spring came. I followed the directions: I cut them back, put them in a cool place, watered them just once a month, and then excitedly pulled them out a few months ago. I put them in the sun, watered them regularly and waited with excitement …

I was hoping that, within a few days, I would see green growth. I was sure that they would be full and beautiful after 1-2 months. But reality was different than my expectations. Here is the best of my ferns after 3 months:

At first, I stubbornly held on to hope. My goal was to bring my ferns back to health. I patiently watered them and listened to the kind advice of my mother-in-law who told me to keep waiting and I would be amazed by the results. Unfortunately, the only amazement I have is that I haven’t dumped them yet. (For the record, she probably could have saved them but I am notoriously bad with plants.)

A few weeks ago, as I looked at my bare front porch in frustration, I realized that I was evaluating the situation incorrectly. I had identified my goal as bringing my ferns back to life. Really, though, my goal was to have beautiful ferns on my front porch. Putting last year’s ferns into dormancy and hopefully bringing them back to health was the way I wanted to accomplish that goal. It was a good plan … but it wasn’t accomplishing my real goal. So, I went out to the store and bought new ferns. Goal accomplished!

Life is like that sometimes. We can get confused between the plan and the goal. We can get so focused on the plan that we forget that there might be other ways to accomplish the goal. If the current plan isn’t working, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate. What is your real goal? Are there other ways to accomplish that goal? Don't get so focused on the plan that you forget why you started with the plan in the first place. Click To Tweet

Let me encourage you to regularly take time to focus on your goals and re-evaluate as necessary so that you can achieve real success!

  • Thanks for the “vote of confidence” on the ferns!! I must admit, I usually wind up buying fresh ones, too!! It is a real shame the amount of time we spend trying to “force” our plans to happen when God already has the answer, if we will just ask Him for guidance. Nana

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