Rollover Minutes

Rollover minutes are unused minutes that carry over from month to month on our cell phone plans. Although the phrase just began a few years ago, our society has happily embraced the concept and we now expect it with all aspects of our cell phone plans – minutes, data, etc. The problem comes when we start thinking that rollover minutes apply to other areas of life as well.

We just got back from visiting our grown son, Derek, and his wife in Alaska for Christmas. It was the first time we have visited them as a married couple. We had fun seeing their home and witnessing their life together, but the reality that my kids are growing up was impossible to avoid. Beyond the obvious difference of being a guest in my son and daughter-in-law’s home, it was interesting to see the difference in how my two sons relate to each other. There is a 5  year age difference between them, and Derek has always treated Hunter as an inferior sub-human. Derek got a reality check when he realized that his little brother is now a couple inches taller than he is; and the first wrestling match resulted in Derek having to tap out for the first time ever, which Hunter will probably never let him forget 🙂

My kids are growing up; they are becoming their own people and starting their own lives. I can hardly believe how quickly the past twenty years have gone by. I vividly remember sitting in my rocking chair when all my kids were little. Life was overwhelming – there were toys everywhere and it was noisy most of the time. I remember taking a moment to observe what was going on, sitting quietly and drinking it all in. I purposely imprinted those details in my brain because I realized that eventually my house would be quiet and I would miss it. That time came quicker that I ever thought it would.

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Whether you are raising children, planning your career or aimlessly floating down the stream of life, you only get one chance at it. Each day as 24 hours and you don’t get second chances. The other difference between life and your cell phone plan is that we don’t know when the contract expires with our life. We can’t extend the contract or buy extra minutes – we get our allotment and that’s it.

If we don’t choose to live intentionally with purpose we waste the only chance we get. Since there are no rollover minutes in life, let me encourage you to make the most out of the ones you get today. Don’t waste the 1440 minutes that you have today – live with intention, passion and purpose!

  • Proverbs 3:1&2 says. My son do not forget my teachings. But let your heart keep my commandments; for length of days and years of life, and peace they will add to you.
    Psalm 31:15 says….my life is in your hands.

  • is a very lucky man, to have someone in his life that reminds him of Why he is here. I remember when I had someone that reminded me. It wasn’t the words as much as she expressed herself. There isn’t a day that I don’t wish for rollover minutes. But I have to remind myself to honor her by living with purpose.
    I look forward to the opportunities that this reminder of yours gives me.

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