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Are you overwhelmed by the stresses of life?  Is it hard to see God working right now?  If you need a breath of fresh air and a reminder that God does care, please read the story below …

Last summer, life felt out of control.  We had been living quite happily in Alaska, with no plans of leaving, when my husband lost his job.  Although he applied to several jobs there, the offer that came was across the continent in Indiana.  Within one whirlwind month, our oldest son graduated from high school, we sold our house, drove across the continent, moved into a new house, watched our son leave for Army Basic and started making a new life in Indiana.  July brought a sense of emptiness to our family – Bret and I had our own issues to deal with as we settled into a new place and tried to adjust to life without Derek, but Brittany and Hunter were completely lost.

20150710_152747One morning, while mowing the lawn, Brittany saw something float down on the top of the lawnmower.  She took a closer look and was shocked to see that it was a hummingbird.  This little hummingbird just sat on the lawn mower and didn’t even try to leave.  We were concerned that he was injured, so Brittany gently picked him up.  He had no visible injuries, but he made no effort to leave either.  He was named “Pip” and was soon Brittany’s first friend in the area.

Pip was eager to drink hummingbird food.  We thought he would fly away as soon as he regained some energy.  But, he had no intention of leaving anytime soon.  We finally made him a home out of a shoe box to protect him from anything that might try to eat him overnight.  Brittany was sad to tell Pip “good-night” because we were convinced that he would not be alive in the morning.

20150710_153439Amazingly, Pip was squeaking very loudly the next morning.  He was happy to see Brittany and get more food.  This went on for 3 days and we were starting to wonder if we had acquired a new pet.  He would hop around his box, but showed no interest in flying at all.  Then, one day when he was inside due to a major thunderstorm, he decided to start flying – very dangerous in a house with 2 dogs and a cat.  We moved him back outside by a flower and within minutes he flew away.  We put out a feeder and he came back regularly to eat.  On a couple of occasions, Brittany even saw him flying toward her from a tree to say “hi.”  Yes, we are sure that it was Pip 🙂  This year, he came back and even brought his wife.  We have named her “Peep.”

20150710_154902I searched online and apparently it is very rare for anyone to get to hold a hummingbird, let alone have one live with them for a few days.  As Brittany and I talked about the experience afterward, we decided that God had given her a special gift as a gentle reminder that He loves her and is always with her.  The Bible says that we can see God in nature:

“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.  Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they reveal knowledge.  They have no speech, they use no words; no sound is heard from them.  Yet their voice goes out into all the earth, their words to the ends of the world.” (Psalm 19:1-4).

Most of the time we are too busy to notice God around us.  I believe that God allowed Pip to come visit Brittany so that we would see Him.  God was always there, but we were choosing to focus on everything else.  Pip broke the routine and made us take notice of God’s creation … and if God is big enough to create a miracle like hummingbirds, He is definitely able to take care of us when life seems out of control also.

Even if you never experience a miracle of nature like Pip, God is still with you – and He is still in control.  Are you struggling to see God in the midst of a difficult situation?  Let me know in the comment section, I would be honored to pray for you.  Or, do you have a miracle of nature story?  I’d love to hear about it, please tell me in the comment section!

  • My 7 year old saved a baby that fell into the pool. I noticed the baby crawling around the deck while everyone was enjoying the pool and hotdogs. I took my eyes off the baby to see if I could find the mother. When I looked again for the baby, he was already close to the bottom of the pool, when Tyler dove under and brought him up.
    I think that was a sign that God is here because Tyler had not learned to swim yet.

    1. Wow! That must have been a scary situation, but I am glad to hear of the miracle. We can often see God in the midst of life – if we take the time to look for Him.

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