Is your calendar filled with good things to do?  Are you focused on so many things that you feel you can’t truly focus on any?  Maybe the solution is to cut the number of things you are doing.  You can choose to do a few things that have great reward instead of many things with good reward.

messy-wardrobe2This weekend, I plan to clean out my closet and dresser.  I was involved in the long struggle of picking out the perfect outfit a few days ago when I realized that I haven’t worn many of the clothes in my closet in the past six years.  I even tried some of them on this summer only to realize that I don’t really like them anymore – but I hung them back up in the closet for some unknown reason!  I can justify why I keep them: I got such a good deal on it, I really enjoyed wearing it 10 years ago, what if want to wear it again one day?  Odds are that if I haven’t worn it in the past six years, I won’t ever wear it again.  Especially because I have filled my closet with new clothes that I enjoy wearing.  So, this weekend I will be making a large contribution to Goodwill and finally getting some space back in my closet! (In my defense, my closet is not as bad as this picture.)

I think we have this same problem in our schedules also.  We have so many good things we do that we have trouble sorting through them and finding the time to focus on what is really important.  As modern Americans, we like to “multi-task” because it makes us feel more productive.  A report published by the Harvard Business Review, though, states that 98% of us physically can not multi-task.  Instead, our brain jumps between the tasks.  This lowers our productivity by 40% and reduces our IQ by 10 points.  Darren Hardy suggests that we, instead, reduce the clutter of our schedules and focus only on what is truly important.  When we do this, we have the time and energy to do these few things well and also have time to rest.

I would like to challenge you to clean out your schedules.  If you are feeling stressed and busy, evaluate why you are doing everything on your calendar.  Are there activities that you used to be passionate about, but now you find them boring?  Are there things you do because you felt guilty and just couldn’t say “no?”  Are there things which drain your energy?  Are there things that are preventing you from focusing on the relationships that should be the most important to you?

Why don’t  you take this challenge with me?  Let’s clean out and simplify all areas of our lives so that we can have the most productivity and success possible!

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