Taped to the Fridge

I have a friend whose refrigerator is wallpapered with cute pictures of her family. There are so many happy memories on her fridge that it is hard to know what color the appliance is underneath. Although I am way too much of a neat freak to wallpaper my refrigerator with pictures, I used to keep my children’s latest picture, outstanding spelling test and school report card attached to the fridge to show them how proud I was. Now that they are in high school, most of their work is on the computer and, frankly, I think they would be embarrassed if I taped their latest test grade in the middle of the kitchen.

burpeesThat being said, we do have one thing taped to our refrigerator. It is an annoying reminder of our current fitness challenge – 30 days of burpees. (No, it isn’t a way to increase the disgusting noises that we can make after eating … it is an exercise that involves getting on the floor, doing a pushup and then doing a series of jumps. If you don’t already know what it is, then it probably won’t make sense until you google it. Sorry!) We are doing a form of burpee called an 8-count bodybuilder. My family has signed up to compete in a Battle Frog Obstacle Race in a few weeks and if there is any obstacle that you can’t complete, then you can substitute 10 bodybuilders.

Since the obstacle race has been designed by Navy Seals, there is a huge possibility that we won’t be able to complete at least some of the events, so it seemed like a good idea to get conditioned to the bodybuilders. As you can see by the picture, we have just started the challenge. So, why do I keep the calendar taped to the refrigerator? It’s not because it is strikingly beautiful, and it’s not because doing the bodybuilders is the highlight of our day, it is to keep our goal in front of us…it is accountability.

When it comes to setting goals, I recommend making SMART goals. Our bodybuilder goal is: “We will complete the bodybuilder challenge every day for the entire 30 days so that we can be conditioned for the Battle Frog competition.” Let me explain SMART goals:

S – “specific” Our goal is specific because we know exactly what is expected of us every day. If, however, our goal was just to get it shape, that would not be specific enough and it would be easy to slack off.

M – “measurable” Our goal is measurable because there are a specific number of bodybuilders to do each day. It is clear whether or not we have achieved the goal for the day.

A – “achievable” Our 30 day challenge, though not easy, is definitely achievable because we are gradually conditioning our bodies to be able to do more each day. If, however, our goal was to do 100 bodybuilders for the next 30 days, that would probably be too lofty of a goal.

R – “results focused” Our goal states why we are torturing our bodies every day – so we can be conditioned for the Battle Frog competition. If you don’t keep your “why” in front of you, it is easy to get discouraged and quit.

T – “time bound” Our goal has an end to it. After 30 days we will be done. At that point, we can decide if we want to keep going or pick another goal. When you know that your goal has a completion date, it is easier to stay committed.

How about you? What are your goals? I would love to hear about them. Please leave me a comment below and we can encourage each other to meet our goals!

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