The Sun Will Shine Again

The clouds, fog and gloominess are threatening to consume Northern Indiana. It’s just a typical January, but it is starting to feel intense. I remember seeing the sunshine for one glorious day last week. Other than that one day of respite, we are living in the middle of a giant cloud. The weather is affecting attitudes and productivity, not to mention hairdos!

We lived in Alaska for 5 years and experienced our share of dark, gloomy days in January. I was thinking about that this morning and comparing it to the darkness of Northern Indiana. This may be hard to believe, but the darkness in Alaska wasn’t as hard to deal with and I finally figured out why. The darkness in Alaska can be tracked with the sun. It is predictable year after  year and everyone knows when it will end. After the winter solstice, everyone starts tracking the increase in sunlight each day. It’s in the newspapers and reported each night on the news stations. I knew people who lost the sunlight completely at their homes for a period of time because of their proximity to a mountain. They could tell me exactly what day the sun would come over the mountain again and cast it’s warm rays on their house again. They looked forward to that day all winter. Most Alaskans chose to focus on the increasing sunlight instead of the darkness.

It’s different in Indiana. We don’t know when the sun will return because it’s definitely not being blocked by a mountain. It’s not based on certain patterns; it’s just random cloudy days so it’s easy to get lost in it and forget that the sun will indeed return again. The same can be true in our lives. We all go through periods of trial and difficulty. It may be an illness, a relationship problem, stress at work or a myriad of other trials. And our trials don’t come with a published termination date. With no foreseeable end in sight, it can be easy to get lost in that trial and forget that it will eventually end and peace will come again.

So, what’s the secret? It’s all about perspective, what we choose to focus on. Are you going to focus on your problem? If so, you can expect to be consumed with fear, anxiety and exhaustion. Or, you can choose to focus on something else – God’s love in the midst of the trial, what you are learning through the trial or something outside of the trial completely. What you focus on will drive your attitude, energy and hopefulness. Click To Tweet

If your life feels as dark and gloomy as the Indiana weather, you can be assured that the proverbial sun will shine again, even if you don’t know when. If you choose to focus on God’s love and all His promises you just may see sunshine in the midst of the storm. I’m praying for you today – may you feel God’s love and comfort regardless of the trials you are facing!

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