When Others Don’t Understand

Does it matter what others think? What do you do when you are working toward a dream, but those around you mock your goals or just plain don’t understand what you are working for? Here is a short story to encourage you when this happens.

Recently, Bret and I were sitting in the backyard enjoying a beautiful summer evening. We were excited to see a bird entering one of our bird houses. It’s a small one and we didn’t know if it was even big enough to be useful. But we watched that bird and her partner fly back and forth into the house with bugs and worms. Obviously, they had a nest with babies that they were feeding. The next day, I cautiously looked into the hole but saw nothing. There was no noise and no evidence of baby birds, but I am sure they must have been there.

Bret and I have kept track of the birds that we have lovingly named Fernando and Polly. Even though we haven’t seen any evidence of their babies, they faithfully make their trips to collect food for them. As we were watching them one night, Bret started making some profound applications that I would like to share with you.

A casual observer might think that these birds are just randomly flying around. Without knowing that they have a nest, people might think that they are wasting their energy flying in pointless circles. But, Fernando and Polly are on a mission to feed their family, regardless of what people might think. Even though the hole is too small to see into to prove the existence of the babies, the parents are doing their job because they know it’s the right thing to do.

Isn’t it the same with us? We have our goals and our dreams which we are working tirelessly to accomplish but those around us can’t see them. They see the endless flight paths but don’t understand the point of them. And that doesn’t matter!

If you have a goal,  you need to work toward that goal even if no one else understands. You have a job to do and  you need to keep doing it even when you receive criticism for it.

Follow your dreams like Fernando and Polly fly out to get food for their babies. Even if it takes a long time for others to see the results of your effort, keep going. You are on a mission and it is yours alone to do! Click To Tweet

  • I think you and Bret are right; Fernando and Polly have a pupose. Live without a purpose is a sad life. It reminds me of mine when I failed in my purpose to have a lovingly family. After many years, I felt the mourning, until I realized that I wasnt creating a loving man within myself. How could I inspire another to join me?
    In some small way.. it started with me.
    Thats a purpose; isnt it?

  • Chris, I think that sometimes we all can let undesirable life circumstances cloud our vision and we can forget what our purpose and passions truly are. Having a heart-felt purpose (and it doesn’t have to be grand and glorious, just personal) does bring true joy! I hope you find joy on a daily basis!

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