When You’re In a Jam

Have you ever started something with a fool-proof plan and all the necessary ingredients for success, but things didn’t end up quite as you planned? What can you do when you find yourself in a “jam?”

Recently, I had a great idea to turn some old grapes into grape jam. I found a quick and easy recipe, what could go wrong? I was excited as I stood at the stove stirring my jam; it smelled delicious and I started imagining my family feasting on warm biscuits with home-made jam for dinner. The recipe said that it would require 25-30 minutes of boiling for the jam to thicken. Although it seemed to start to thicken around 15 minutes, I don’t claim to be Martha Stewart, so I followed the instructions and boiled it for the required time. It seems that I forgot one important detail; I was only using a small amount of grapes (1/4 of the recipe) so there was less liquid to boil off. I boiled off enough liquid that when my jam completely cooled, it was a giant grape rock!

Thankfully, I have lived long enough to laugh at my kitchen mishaps. Oh well, the grapes would have been thrown out anyway. I was sure it was worthless, but I kept my rock so that everyone else could get a good laugh. Hunter, though, saw other possibilities. He broke off a piece and told me I had cracked the secret code for making jolly ranchers. So, instead of grape jam we have grape candy!

Isn’t this true of our lives also? We come up with a plan, but when things don’t work out like we want them to, we decide the whole venture was worthless. What if we looked at life from another angle to see something good out of the apparent “failure?”

Jeremiah 29:11 says, “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Sometimes, we think that we get to decide the plans, but only God knows the plans for us. We need to trust Him and follow here He is leading, even if it’s not where we initially wanted to go.

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  • I think you won’t be eating jam anytime soon!
    I have invalidated my information many times and regretted it as well.
    Its that gut feeling..
    Its good to inspect were the “other data is coming from” before you dismiss it all together. You might be right after all !!

  • Oh, yes, things don’t after go as we plan, but God is there to turn us in the right direction.
    Leave it to Hunter to see the bright side of what you thought was a mistake. 💕💕

  • How inspiring! What speaks to me in this post is that you were willing to share this “mistake” with your family which yielded an amazing product (grape candy…yum!) in the end! How often do we spend time wallowing over our mistakes or quickly try to pitch the evidence before anyone can see the result, letting it eat us up, instead of allowing God to use those circumstances to spur a positive outcome.
    Now I want biscuits and jam for lunch! 🙂

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