Who Are You?

Who are you?  At first pass, this seems like an easy question to answer.  So, let’s do it.  You have one sentence (no more than 20 words) to describe who you are.  If you actually put thought and effort into this exercise, it will take you longer than reading the rest of this blog.  So, read my thoughts about it and then commit to taking 5 minutes to writing your sentence of who you are.

I am betting that the first thoughts that came into your mind to answer the question of who you are were actually nouns describing what you do – maybe a profession, member of your family unit or other roles that you fulfill on a regular basis.  But, think about this:

What you do does not necessarily define who you are. Click To Tweet

Who we are is completely independent of our circumstances. Who we are is a description of our dominant character traits and values, not our daily activities.  But, we can often get this confused.  We can become so engrossed in the daily rituals that we start defining ourselves by our activities; and sometimes by the most negative activities that we have to do.

Think about the aspiring actress who moves to Los Angeles to pursue her dream.  She may have to wait tables for years to pay the bills and this is where the challenge comes in.  After a few years in LA, it might become difficult for her to still see herself as the creative artist that she truly is.  There would be the temptation to start defining herself merely as a waitress.  The reality is that she is working as a waitress so that she can be responsible and pay her bills, but her job does not define who she is on the inside.

It is easy when we are in difficult situations like working a dead-end job, fighting through a health crisis or just trying to survive a tragedy to start defining ourselves by those situations.  But we must remember that our circumstances do not define who we are!

So, who are you?  When you start taking the time to think about it another question comes up. Honestly, are you currently the person that you aspire to be? Click To Tweet  Maybe you need to write two descriptions: one of who you currently are and one of the person you aspire to be.  Then, start acting like the person you aspire to be and guess what – you will become that person!

So now it’s your turn to write. If you just click off this page it won’t do you nearly as much good as if you take the time to do the hard work.  Think seriously about who you are and who you aspire to be.  Write it down and then intentionally act like the person you aspire to be regardless of your present circumstances.  Please share with me your descriptions below!  I’d love to hear who you are.

  • When I think about the person that inspires me most, was a Jesuit Priest; Father Anthony. What inspires me most about him, was his ability for compassion of others. When you talked to him, it was like you were the most important person in the world. And he gave you all of his attention. He never interrupted and always waited until you were done. A lot of times he would just give you a nod and a wink, letting you know, he understood. I never heard him give advice. He would always reply by saying, “you know what to do “and it was always understood.
    Who I am now is someone that still struggles with pettiness and trying to assert my rightness; that, I forget to see others. Not only for who they are, but who they are suposed to be.
    ….Gods children.

What do you think?

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